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Sunday, 07 February 2021 08:56

Samsung Frame TV San Diego Installation - Project of the Day

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Many of our clients love TV…I love TV. However, some people don’t like the look of a TV on the wall and would rather have a picture in its place. Samsung has created a solution that fills BOTH roles (cue anticipatory music). For today’s “Project of the Day”, we helped our client add television to 2 areas along with sound solutions for both music and movies/TV.


Samsung Frame TV Coronado 

Coronado Samsung Frame TV over fireplace


In the Family Room, we installed in-ceiling speakers as to not detract from the aesthetics of the room. The Frame TV went over the fireplace. All of the surround sound equipment and the subwoofer to provide better low-end bass for movies and music went to the right of the fireplace in a custom cabinet from Salamander Designs. NOTE: DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN HIDE YOUR SURROUND SOUND EQUIPMENT AND ELECTRONICS AND NOT HAVE TO POINT A REMOTE AT THEM TO MAKE THINGS WORK? SEE SOME OF OUR SOLUTIONS TO DO THIS HERE.

The client loved the Samsung Frame TV so much that they opted to add another one in the Master Bedroom. In this area, we hid the components inside a furniture piece below the TV and used a Sonos BEAM soundbar for streaming music and to provide TV/movie audio.


Samsung Frame TV Coronado

Sonos BEAM underneath Samsung Frame TV


Both areas were controlled with ONE remote that made use and operation simple and intuitive.

NOTE: Today’s equipment requires robust and secure WiFi in order to operate correctly. We added one of our Eero WiFi networks with remote monitoring to ensure that everything works properly and to provide our client with secure and fast WiFi. See our article HERE about Eero and Eero Pro 6.


Gear List

  • Samsung Frame TV X 2
  • URC MX990 universal remote X 2
  • Definitive Technology in-ceiling speakers with “designer friendly” small opening
  • Definitive Technology Supercube subwoofer
  • Yamaha RXV surround sound receiver
  • Sonos BEAM soundbar
  • Eero PRO WiFi units
  • Salamander Corsica furniture piece (single unit)



Seem complicated? We can install a set up like this in both rooms in roughly 1-2 days including possible needed painting and patching. If you’d like something like this in your house in 1-2 days…give San Diego Frame TV experts Aire Theater Designs a call! The Samsung Frame TV 2021 is coming soon. Stay tuned for our next San Diego home automation project...this is a new build in SantaLuz which incorporates smart home technology, whole-house audio systems, outdoor audio systems and more.


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