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Sunday, 01 March 2020 11:04

What is the best WiFi network - San Diego WiFi professionals

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Wattbox power piece

Wattbox IP power piece to provide easy system resets and network monitoring


Luxul WiFi

Luxul WiFi access point, wireless controller and router providing GREAT WiFi


We get calls frequently from clients that haven’t dealt with us before that go something like this:


“Our WiFi only works in certain portions of the house.”

“We seem to have problems all the time with WiFI not working.”

“Our Internet keeps dropping out.”

“Our Netflix keeps pausing.”


We LOVE these calls as it lets us provide these new customers with reliable WiFi and Internet connectivity that just works. Here’s a story from one our recent Projects Of The Day.


A client was referred to us and their long story-short was:


A friend technician had put in a high-end wired/WiFi network for them

The WiFi dropped out constantly and there were areas throughout the property where WiFi just wouldn’t connect.

These issues were a work hindrance when they tried to accomplish tasks from the home and were a nuisance for the family when they all tried to use their gaming systems, iPads and entertainment devices.


We looked at their set-up and recommended and installed 3 components.


  • Single WiFi network with tech support and remote compatibility:
  • Remote visibility tools:
  • IP piece with triggered on-off:


The benefits to these specific components for them and for MANY of our clients are:

Single WiFi network with tech support and remote compatibility: A network that acts as a SINGLE entity is important so you don’t have to change networks on your device as you walk around your house and property. Network product with tech support is important so we can call someone if odd issues come up. Many of today’s solar devices and DIY equipment can act in a strange manner and having a tech department that you can talk to is important in solving many issues that arise from this gear. One of the most popular networking brands out there has literally NO support. This client previously had this brand which is one of the reasons they were never able to uncover some of their issues before they met us.

Remote visibility tools: We see this as the most important element for us and for you in order to ensure reliability and satisfaction. These tools let us “see” in real time if your network is up, down, slow or if certain devices are attached to the network. Ex: With this client, we were able to see remotely that their network had 79 drops in service within 2 days AFTER we put the equipment in. Normally we see 0-10 drops in a 30 day period. This let us know that the issues were from the cable company and we then facilitated getting this handled. This client had dealt with years of bad Internet and we were able to get to the bottom of it right away. Our devices also let us see your connectivity at any given time. Netflix not working? We can let you know if it is a problem with the modem, the router, the switch or the device providing Netflix and take you fixing this quickly and easily. We offer these tools from Domotz and OVRC.

IP piece with triggered on/off: It’s great when you don’t have to deal with problems at all and this piece fixes many issues automatically. Many of today’s devices need to be power-cycled from time-to-time to get them to behave. However, unless you know which electronic gadget to unplug and the order and timing that is needed for this, it can be frustrating to get your Internet working again. Our 3 and 5 port IP piece AUTOMATICALLY resets your modem, router and associated pieces in the correct order any time it can’t get out to the Internet. This gets your Internet working again and in most cases, you wouldn’t even know this happened! We get a notification on our side that lets us know this happened and this ensures that you know there were potentially issues. When Internet pieces are starting to go defective, we see lots of disconnects and this helps us head off any catastrophic drops that might come at inopportune times (Ex: Big presentation due that you need to work on, work meeting on Skype, Friday Movie Night, etc.).


To recap, if you want the best network available that is reliable, covers your property with WiFi and that makes troubleshooting easy or non-existent, you need:


  • US!
  • WiFi solution from Eero, Araknis or Luxul
  • Remote visibility tools
  • IP piece with triggered on/off


We supply all of the equipment, provide the design and make it all work so you don’t have to worry about the mumbo-jumbo above. Want the best WiFi available for you and your family? Start with San Diego WiFi experts at Aire Theater Designs!

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