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April 2024
Sonos Roam 2

Sonos Roam 2 BT Speaker Is Here for 2024!


Here at Aire Theater Designs, we are audio guys. We like big speakers, powerful amplifiers and rocking sound. However, it is very difficult to carry our 156 pound Martin Logan XTF100 tower speaker pair to the beach, let alone the cords and cables. For these times, we like having a portable speaker to take with us. Sonos has just released their new Bluetooth portable speaker called the Roam 2 and here's the scoop.


  • .95 pounds
  • 10 hour battery life (NOTE: Your mileage may vary depending on volume and other factors)
  • 5 color choices
  • IP67 waterproof protection (3 feet of depth for up to 30 minutes)
  • Bluetooth, WiFi and has Airplay 2


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Samsung has a bunch of stuff going on to celebrate Memorial Day 2024! We live in San Diego so we have many more opportunities to enjoy outdoor audio/video than our friends in Lapland, Finland or Mt. Washington, New Hampshire (windiest place in the world). Samsung has their amazing outdoor TV called the Samsung Terrace and we love it. We love it even MORE when it is on sale! For a limited time, save $$$ on Samsung outdoor TVs to celebrate Memorial Day! The FULL sun and PARTIAL sun models are listed...See below:


Samsung Terrace Outdoor TV

Samsung Outdoor TV - Samsung Terrace 75" Outdoor Television Installation


Samsung QN75LST9 75" Terrace FULL Sun TV: Normally $12999.99...SALE $9499.99!

Samsung QN65LST9 65" Terrace FULL Sun TV: Normally $9999.99...SALE $7499.99!

Samsung QN75LST7 75" Terrace Partial Sun TV: Normally $6499.99...SALE $5499.99!

Samsung QN65LST7 65" Terrace Partial Sun TV: Normally $4999.99...SALE $3999.99!

Samsung QN55LST7 55" Terrace Partial Sun TV: Normally $3499.99...SALE $2799.99!


Samsung Terrace TV and Terrace Soundbar

65" Samsung Terrace Television with Samsung Terrace Outdoor Soundbar On Tile


Samsung 55 Inch Terrace Outdoor TV

Samsung 55" Terrace Television On Brick - Dazzling Brightness Even During The Day!


See our earlier article that details Outdoor Television Installations In San Diego and why we love this TV. Want a side of outdoor audio to go with your slice of outdoor TV? See all of our outdoor audio installations <<<. Hurry though as after Friday they're GONE, GONE, GONE!

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Samsung has a bunch of stuff going on to celebrate Memorial Day 2024! They have just brought out their new line of TVs AND they are putting most of them on sale this week! For a limited time, save $$$ on Samsung Frame TVs to celebrate Memorial Day! See below:


Samsung Frame TV On Sale

Samsung Frame TV Displaying Art And Your Favorite Movie!


Samsung QN75LS03D 2024 75" Frame TV: Normally $2999.99...SALE $2499.99!

Samsung QN65LS03D 2024 65" Frame TV: Normally $1999.99...SALE $1799.99!

Samsung QN55LS03D 2024 55" Frame TV: Normally $1499.99...SALE $1399.99!


See our earlier article that details Samsung Frame TV Installation and why we love this TV. Make your family and your designer happy with this TV that doubles as a wonderful LED TV and as art. Hurry though as after Friday they're GONE, GONE, GONE!

#samsungtv #4KTV #airetheaterdesigns

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Wednesday, 15 May 2024 07:59

KEF Subwoofer Sale - KEF Close-out Sales



Every year or so, there is an "out with the old and in with the new" process that companies like us undertake with electronics. Speakers and subwoofers typically have a longer period between these intervals so opportunities like this are rare. See below!


KEF Subwoofers 2024


While quantities last, get SOLD OUT...THANKS NATHAN!  KEF's KUBE10 10", 300 watt powered subwoofer for $300.00 off! Normally $799.99...SALE $499.99 until they are gone!

SOLD OUT! THANKS TO OUR CLIENT SKIP. While quantities last, get KEF's KUBE12 12", 500 watt powered subwoofer for $350.00 off!. Normally $950.00...SALE $599.99 until they are gone!


Why consider KEF speakers? <<<Click the link. Get GREAT bass for your home theater or stereo system and save some dollars but don't wait...when they're gone...THEY'RE GONE!!!!!!

#kefspeakers #hifi #airetheaterdesigns

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Monday, 06 May 2024 09:42

Sonos Turntable Options For 2024

Sonos Turntable

Sonos Turntable Options For 2024 - You Need One Now!


Remember those things that we used to have in our stereo systems? You would place a big, round black disc on it and the disc would go round-and-round in a circle? Sonos remembers these "turntables" and has released a new and awesome option to listen to your favorite music. Why is this a good thing?


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Sunday, 05 May 2024 08:32

Sonos Trade-Up Policy For 2024

                                                      Methuselah Tree

Sonos Connect Trade Up

Sonos Trade Up Policy for 2024


Of the two images of old, ancient things above, which do you think has the best trade in policy? If you were to pick the Methuselah tree in the Eastern are wrong! Did you know that we and Sonos offer up to 30% off new Sonos product when you trade in your old, dusty Sonos speaker, pre-amp, soundbar or amplifier? Why upgrade?


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Saturday, 04 May 2024 12:49

Sonos New App Coming on May 7th!

Sonos New App 2024

Sonos New App for 2024 - Don't Be Frightened!


If you open up your Sonos app on May 7th, you may notice a distinctly different look. Don't didn't push some wacky button (this isn't one you can blame on your spouse). Sonos is releasing a major re-tool of the Sonos app for 2024. We haven't gotten a chance as dealers to play with a sample or emulator but there are a few things to be aware of:


1 - This will have a look that is more in line with Spotify or Amazon Music where you can get to your desired music services or favorites from the HOME screen as opposed to using the previous bottom toolbar to access your features. This is touted as providing a quicker way to get to common features and music options.


2 - The BIGGEST difference will most likely (as we haven't had a chance to test the app yet) be with how you play Sonos throughout your whole-house music system. If you have Sonos in various areas, you previously would press the middle button on the horizontal bar at the bottom of the app. See below.


 Sonos app 2023

Old Sonos app


This would then bring up your various rooms/areas of Sonos. With the new Sonos app, you will press their speaker/device icon. This is much more in line with how you play Spotify or Amazon through your music system. Spotify calls this "Spotify Connect". Maybe Sonos thought that this would be more intuitive?

See the icon below to the left of PLAY on the bottom horizontal toolbar. Pushing this will display any Sonos speakers or components that are in your home. You can then group all of the music together OR play different sources on different speakers (ex: You can play Queensryche through Spotify in the Family Room and The Cure through the Pandora app outside.


Sonos new app 2024

New Sonos app layout above


We will be producing a video that goes over the changes with the new Sonos app once we have a chance to test it thoroughly. Check out and subscribe to our Youtube page at the link below if you'd like to be updated once we finish it.


Aire Theater Designs YouTube Page


Live in Southern California or San Diego and want Sonos in your life? We've been selling it since 1998! Give us a call and let us enhance your life with music!



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