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Tuesday, 28 December 2021 21:02

San Diego audio video system - audio video system with TV, AVR and smart home components

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Custom cabinets

Custom cabinet build for electronics, turntable and record collection

Salamander furniture

Salamander Designs audio video credenza

Project S shape

Pro-Ject S-Shape turntable sounds awesome and looks like art!

Martin Logan ESL C on custom shelf

Martin Logan ESL-C center channel speaker on custom cut shelf

Martin Logan Motion60XTi

Big, bad speakers sound amazing...Martin Logan Motion 60XTi tower speaker pair


Today’s Project of the Day is one of the jobs that we love that consisted of good audio, custom cabinets, proper design and higher-end audio video components.

In a nutshell, this client was looking for great audio in a challenging space. They also are very design-conscious so they wanted certain things to stand out and other elements to be hidden. We started with a listening demo in our showroom to let them experience some of the attributes of our better speakers and turntables. This led to the speaker choice of Martin Logan and a turntable by Pro-Ject. Gotta enjoy those old records!

Lots of design was needed to ensure that the unique look they wanted would be functional yet stylish. The end result of custom-built cabinets that hold their record collection along with one of our Salamander Oslo furniture pieces made for a wonderful, seamless aesthetic.

We opted for an audio video receiver by Marantz to power all of the speakers and to provide the source control and streaming service for this surround sound area and for speakers in other areas of the house. The control for these other rooms is all controlled via the Marantz Heos app on their phones. Click Sonos vs Heos for a Heos video and review.

The front three speakers provided amazing audio along with a tasteful look that matched the décor and the clients’ tastes. NOTE: We have had a lot of searches lately for the "best speakers for music" and the "best speakers for vinyl". A few points:

Best speakers for music: The acoustics of a room play a large part in how speakers will sound. As this room had many challenging properties (open glass on one side, different angles and openings, live surfaces), we wanted to stay away from any speakers (bipolar or dipolar like Martin Logan's electrostatics or Definitive Technology's bipolar series) that bounced sound around the room and decided to specify standard forward-firing models.

Best speakers for vinyl: In most cases, a speaker that sounds great for a turntable will sound great with another. Therefore, you don't need to pick a speaker based on JUST playing your favorite records as if it sounds great with a record player, it will sound good with cable TV, Blu-Ray discs, streaming music, etc.


The equipment used in this set-up included:

Marantz SR8015 surround sound AVR (Our receiver of the year for Best AVR 2020)

Martin Logan Motion 60XTi tower speakers (Click Martin Logan speaker review for a video review)

Martin Logan ESL-C center channel speaker

Martin Logan Dynamo1100 and Dynamo800 powered subwoofers

URC MX990i universal remote (Click Universal remote for a video about our remotes)

Wattbox 12 outlet line conditioner

Salamander Designs OSLO323 audio video credenza


NOTE: Projects like this don’t take place out of thin air. There is a great deal of proper planning to ensure wiring needs, ventilation, custom design (look at the edge of the shelf that the center channel sits on) and more. Have you been looking for a San Diego audio video company to help with a project like this? If so, give us a call and we can show you how we can help you create your own dream media room.

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