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Tuesday, 28 December 2021 16:17

Marantz 2022 surround sound receivers | NR1711, SR5015, SR6015, SR7015, SR8015

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Marantz SR8015 AVR - This is an awesome heart of your new surround sound system


Covid led to many nightmares but one in particular had to do with supply chain and electronics. As an organization, we took a closer look at Marantz as they make quality components AND they did a great job actually spitting out receivers (where some other companies failed miserably. Yamaha…I’m looking at you). After playing with a bunch of them and installing many units, we’ve been very pleased with the performance and feature set. Marantz has always been known for high-end audio but we are a company that believes what we see and test…not what is advertised. After doing this, we are now proud Marantz dealers and have added them to our line-up! Hooray!



Thinking about Marantz audio/video receivers for 2022 and confused about what works for you? Here’s some questions that will help you narrow down the options:


- How many devices to I have to hook up to the AVR (AVR = audio/video receiver)? And do I foresee adding any more devices later on? These would be things such as cable boxes, Blu-ray players, streaming devices like Roku or AppleTV, gaming consoles, etc.

- Do I have any devices that are old, legacy devices, that don’t have HDMI connections? These would include VCRs, older gaming systems like the original Wii, old camcorders, etc.

- How many speakers and subwoofers do I have in my surround sound system?

- Do I have other listening areas that I want hooked up to my system: 2 zones, 3 zones, etc. These could be areas such as the backyard, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, etc.

- Do you want the best surround sound experience possible for your TV and movie viewing?


Answering these questions first can really help narrow down and pinpoint the perfect AVR for your needs and your needs in the future. Now I’m going to share some Marantz surround sound options as one of these just may be perfect for your system!



Marantz NR1711 Slim-line AVR $999.99

- 7.2 surround sound AVR with 50 watts/ch with Zone 2 capability (7.2 = 7 speakers and 2 subwoofers).

- This offers 6 HDMI connections total, all of which support 4K, and 1 supporting 8K.

- Does not support HDMI upconversion so this wouldn’t be the best AVR if you have some of those legacy devices.

- This is a slim-line model, which means it is a lot shorter in height compared with the housing of the regular audio/video receivers, so this can fit into tighter spaces if that is something you need.



Marantz SR5015 $1,299.99

- 7.2 surround sound AVR but with double the wattage of the NR1711 at 100 watts/ch with Zone 2 capability (Zone 2 = Having secondary audio in another area such as outside, Kitchen, etc.).

- 6 HDMI connections supporting 4K and 1 of which supporting 8K, but has an extra analog connection. This is good if you have multiple audio devices such as CD players, Sonos or like streaming devices, turntables, etc.

- This AVR also offers a 2nd HDMI out which is perfect if you have a TV in another room that you want connected to this system.

- Does support HDMI upconversion, so bring on those legacy devices you want to keep!

- Incorporates Marantz's Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM) which offer exquisite detail and dynamic range while reducing noise.



Marantz SR8015 $3,799.99

- 11.2 surround sound AVR with 140 watts/ch capable of supporting up to 2 additional zones.

- Toroidal transformer for high-current design. Provides fantastic transients and punch for music and movie performance.

- Copper chassis along with GOLD PLATED speaker terminals giving you better connection and longer lasting corrosion free terminal connections.

- 8 HDMI connections all supporting 4K, 1 of which also supporting 8K. 6 analog connections. 8K upscaling on all inputs.

- Supports those legacy devices with full HDMI upconversion.

- Built-in digital-to-analog convertors for Zone 2 playback which means less wires needed to get your devices to play through those additional zones you have. Less wires = less money and less mess!

- IMAX® Enhanced reproduces the full dynamic range of specially encoded IMAX soundtracks from compatible sources.

- Includes upgraded Audyssey MultEQ® XT32 — one of the industry's best room-correction platforms.


Marantz also includes HEOS which is a popular streaming solution. Sonos and Heos are the two popular streaming sources to play music through today's systems. With Marantz, you don't have to buy an additional $450.00 unit to enjoy great tunes (this is how much the separate Sonos streamer called the Sonos PORT costs). Heos is already built-in to their receivers. See link HERE for a video about Heos.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the great sounding Marantz audio/video receivers that we sell. We carry their entire line-up including their separate pre-amplifiers and amplifiers for REALLY crazy sound.

"Where's a Marantz dealer near me" you may say? Right here! Let San Diego Marantz 2022 dealers, Aire Theater Designs, help in determining how Marantz can enhance your life musically.

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