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Saturday, 09 October 2021 19:35

URC MX790 universal remote - URC video review

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URC MX790 universal remote

Introducing the URC MX790 universal remote!


We have carried URC remotes since our inception in 2006 and one of our team members has been programming them for even longer. One thing that URC does is completely overbuild their remotes so instead of bringing out a new one every year or so like most products, you typically see new products every 5-10 YEARS. This is one of those cases as URC's new MX-790 remote is replacing their old model (MX-780) that existed for over a decade. We put together a video at the link below that details this remote and why a universal remote is a good thing.

URC MX790 universal remote review


Here's a scoop from one of our team members Danny:


"URC has released its new MX-790 universal remote control.  It essentially is going to serve as the replacement for the well-known MX-780 remote control.  I have had a chance to see and handle the new remote, and after doing so, I can say that I like what I see.  Some may say, ‘Why change something if it works?’ Or even, ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’.  And while I do mostly agree with those statements, I can appreciate the couple things that URC did change to ensure this remote stays current and relevant.  One major change was in the screen.  They went with a larger easier-to-see screen which is a 2” TFT LCD in comparison to the MX-780’s smaller screen which was a 1.5” LCD. The other main difference is the actual body of the remote.  It is now much sleeker and more ergonomically designed.  To put it simply, it just feels better in the hand and that goes a long ways. URC also changed some buttons that are more with the times. For example, you now see symbols for elements such as fast-forward, play, pause, etc. instead of having words for these functions. This is more ubiquitous with what you find on today's devices such as cable boxes, streaming devices, etc. so it may be easier for people to recognize what those buttons do.

The MX-790 will still be able to handle up to 48 different devices, control those devices directly by IR (infrared...point at the component to make it work) or by RF (radio frequency - you can hide the components away and the remote works from anywhere in the vicinity) through a RF module such as the MRF-350 so you can control your system through walls or cabinet doors, and is programmed on the computer using URC’s Complete Control programming suite, but most importantly, is still extremely easy to use for the customer – 1 BUTTON PUSH DOES IT ALL.  So it has all the benefits of the trusty MX-780 with a few positive additions!  It is a solid work horse at this price point of $299.99."

Here's one of our old articles that also details why a universal remote may enhance your life.

Do I need a universal remote?

Want to make your audio/video systems or smart home easy to operate? Give us a call if you are in the So Cal or San Diego area and let our remote control programmers take the complication out of watching TV. It's supposed to be enjoyable!

We are URC universal remote dealers, RTI universal remote dealers and URC Total Control dealers. 

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