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Wednesday, 27 April 2022 19:47

How to get the best WiFi | 70 yard football throw | Ask Seth Ep. 4

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Conan was wrong when he said the greatest things in llife are to "Crush your enemies, drive them before you and hear the lamentations of their women." We think the greatest things are:

Seeing a 70 yard football throw
Knowing how to get better WiFi 

Now you don't have to figure out how to enjoy both of these wonderful elements. This video gives them both to you! This is like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate AND peanut butter). Shout outs to Karl from Sling Blade, Uncle Rico and the Gotham TV show!


00:00 How to get better WiFi
00:35 70 yard football throw
01:20 Use only 1 network name...not multiples
02:06 Use correct number of WiFi extenders or WiFi access points
03:25 Use proper tools to determine WiFi signal
06:10 Size of house can dictate better WiFi
07:50 Lots of devices can require better WiFi
09:09 Ain't got no gas in it!
10:55 How important are your WiFi network needs?
12:22 Are you super network guy?

This video will give you lots of considerations to consider when attempting to get better WiFi at home or WiFi for business. See the chapters above for individual elements. You don't need to have the best WiFi extender, best WiFi router or spend $10000000 on your network. You DO need to follow some of the guidelines above to remain a happy human and to have reliable WiFi and network performance.

Speedtest - Our "use proper tools section" above starting at 3:25 will detail a BIG mistake people make using the Speedtest app at home.

We have some supporting articles below that detail some of our WiFi products and standards including Eero Pro 6e, Araknis, Wattbox, Luxul and others.

What is the best WiFi network

Eero review 2022

Eero Pro 6e

Smart home installation - Smart home technology is all the rage these days. Having a solid wired and WiFi network is CRUCIAL for today's smart technology to behave. See link below that details many types of home automation and smart home devices.

Smart Home Technology

We read forums where people complain constantly about how "Sonos doesn't work", "My smart lights stopped working", "My smart technology is dumb", etc. Almost every one of these issues can be fixed by proper network configuration and optimization. Our video above will help to get you on the right track.

Want the best WiFi in San Diego or surrounding areas? Let our local WiFi technicians steer you in the right direction!

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