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Wednesday, 23 March 2022 13:01

Eero Pro 6E San Diego | San Diego Eero Pros

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Eero PRO 6E

Want better WiFi San Diego? Eero PRO 6E is the best WiFi from Eero so far!


We love Eero! Without getting too far into the weeds, check out some of our old articles below, including our "Best WiFi of 2020" winner.


Need better WiFi?

Best WiFi of 2020

Eero won't work with DIY devices



For 2022 Eero has decided to get a face-lift. They have added new products called the Eero Pro 6e and the Eero 6+! the Wondering about the differences between Eero Pro 6E vs Pro Pro 6? Eero has added all of the features from their award winning routers and WiFi extenders from the past and added:


Faster speeds: How fast is Eero? Eero Pro 6E units now support up to 2.3 Gbps in wired configurations and 1.3 Gbps wirelessly. This is 2X as fast as their old Pro 6 units!

Additional band and channels: Eero Pro 6E WiFi extenders and components have access to the 6Ghz band. Remember when WiFi changed from 2.4 Ghz to 5Ghz? You had faster speeds, less inteference and a good time! This is akin to what this new band will provide. The 6Ghz WiFi band will be used only for devices with 6Ghz antennas so your other legacy devices that are using 5Ghz or 2.4 Ghz won't slow your network.


This new WiFi product is a game-changer and AWESOME for 4K gaming, 8K gaming, 8K streaming and complex network needs. NOTE: This is very forward thinking as the speeds that WiFi 6E are capable of aren't available in San Diego or most areas of the country yet. However, you will be ready once these speeds are available and WiFi 6 antennas are prevalent in many of today's WiFi devices.

We currently have Eero Pro 6E units, Eero 6+ and Eero Pro 6E WiFi extenders in stock! They currently sell for $299 each OR get a 3 pack for $699. If you're a DIY guy/gal, Eero is great as you can see your network settings from afar and make adjustments for parental supervision (ex: turn off your son's video game at 9 PM), see connected devices, view network status, etc. If you need some help with your network and WiFi installation, we offer remote service and maintenance plans to ensure that your WiFi works as reliably as possible AND so we can help you deal with the cable company and providers if needed.


Looking for Eero WiFi products or Eero installation in San Diego, So Cal or neighboring areas, give us a call. We've got about 800 of these in the field and would love to help you become #801 AND get a great WiFi experience.


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