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Tuesday, 15 March 2022 11:18

Klipsch outdoor speakers | Netflix not working on Roku | Ask Seth Episode 2

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December 1st Mexico

We take time away from bodysurfing to answer your most popular questions from the week! Seth and the late, great Mark Holmes above


We love tasty waves...don't get me wrong but from time-to-time the surf wanes OR we get a flood of questions about various smart home technology or audio/video equipment. Here are the most popular questions from the week from our website visitors and Youtube subscribers:


I love the way you guys stand. Your broad shoulders in those polos. Those workman's boots. It's all working: This was a question from our Youtube page from MM. I don't think this was really a question but we appreciate the support!


Klipsch outdoor speakers: We had a bunch of queries on our website about this over the last week. In addition to "klipsch outdoor speakers" there was Episode outdoor speakers vs Klipsch, Origin Acoustics vs Klipsch and a few other variations. Apparently Klipsch is popular this week! We did a blog article HERE a while back where we rate the best outdoor speaker you can buy and Klipsch was one of our entries along with Monitor Audio, URC, Martin Logan and Episode.

Klipsch outdoor speaker benefits: Good highs and lows. Directional highs.

Klipsch outdoor speakers shortcomings: Only available in 6.5" sizes (no larger drivers available...this is for the Klipsch AW650. A larger driver provides more fullness and bass and competing speakers have bigger drivers), thin mid-range, directional highs (see in our article why this can be a pro and a con).

Our article HERE goes into more depth but in a nutshell, we think they are a good offering if you can get them mounted in a corner or against a wall for bass reinforcement and more fullness. 


Netflix not working on Roku: There a a number of things to try if this happens.

1) Power-cycle the Roku: Almost all of today's technology problems can be fixed by unplugging the offending unit from the power, wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in. If your Roku won't allow you to view apps or has other issues (ex: spinning wheel, takes 10 minutes to load the program, directional keys won't work, etc.). If this doesn't work...

2) Check your WiFi connection: If your WiFi is down OR if someone has changed the WiFi name or password, your Roku will no longer be able to connect. You should also go into the network settings on the Roku to see if it has disconnected from the network. Many of today's inexpensive network devices misbehave for no reason...just because and as a result, sometimes fall off the network. If it shows that it is disconnected, enter your WiFi network credentials and you may be back in business. If this doesn't work...

3) Delete and re-add the app: Go to other apps first. If they work AND Netflix still doesn't work, delete and re-add the app. See our video HERE that shows how to do this with Apple devices. If this doesn't work:

4) Possible solar flares, world destruction or outages: Check sites like and others that can show you if Netflix happens to be down. We saw this with Amazon in late 2021 where all of their services went down for a day and the world went crazy.


Got any other technology questions for next week? Let us know. We'll be adding the "Ask Seth" segment regularly to help with your technology needs. See the "Ask Seth" video for the above HERE. Need help in the San Diego or So Cal area with Klipsch outdoor speakers, the best outdoor speakers you can buy, Netflix or growing large shoulders? You found the place!





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