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Friday, 21 October 2022 20:39

Apple TV not working?

If you enjoy television, watch streaming content such as Netflix, Amazon, etc., listen to music through your whole-house audio system or basically are a human in a civilized society, you probably are reliant on some form of streaming device to get you this content. This article focuses on how to fix your Apple TV if it misbehaves.

Apple TV not working? Try some of our video tutorials including:

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December 1st Mexico

We take time away from bodysurfing to answer your most popular questions from the week! Seth and the late, great Mark Holmes above


We love tasty waves...don't get me wrong but from time-to-time the surf wanes OR we get a flood of questions about various smart home technology or audio/video equipment. Here are the most popular questions from the week from our website visitors and Youtube subscribers:


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Apple TV vs Roku - What is the best streaming device to buy?


Our most popular question over the last few years has had to do with "smart devices" and normally goes something like this, "I need to get me one of those smart TVs...which one should I buy?" After we let our client know that you normally DON'T need a Smart TV (we'll get into that later) and some education, our conversation normally turns towards, "What is the best streaming device to buy?". Here's some tidbits on our two favorite streaming devices; the Roku and the Apple TV.

You'll see our video above that details our "Roku vs Apple TV" face-off. This details some of the benefits of choosing one vs. another. Below is a summary of each device and our thoughts. NOTE: There are MANY streaming devices on the market including Amazon Fire devices, Nvidia Shield, SuperBox, gaming systems and more. We are just focusing on the Roku and the Apple TV 4K streamers as we feel that they are best for most of our clients and to keep things simple. We also explain this below.

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