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Monday, 02 April 2018 17:52

Smart Home, San Diego | San Diego Installation Home Automation

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San Diego Smart Home

San Diego Smart Home - Smart lighting, smart thermostat, smart audio, video and smart TV all in one picture!


The new catchphrase regarding today’s technology is equipment that turns your house into a “Smart Home”. Walk into most big-box stores today and advertisements for this gear bellow ”Smart Home Smart Home Smart Home” everywhere you look. If you’re wondering what a “smart home” can do, see our earlier article here:

However, there are some key points to consider when adding this smart home technology to your home that isn’t being discussed. Here are some elements that need to be considered when outfitting your home with today’s technology.

Your Network: Most of today’s smart doorbells, cameras, Smart TVs, whole-house music systems, etc. all run off of your wired or WiFi network. Got a good network? You may be OK. Are you using the cable company-supplied router? You may run into issues with slow speed, limited functionality or both. Adding a better WiFi network will help to ensure that these smart technologies will work reliably in your home. See post below for some details.

Off-Site Visibility: Are you a technology genius? If so, congratulations. If not, you’re probably like most of our clients. You don’t necessarily know or want to know how this stuff works…you just want to use it and to enjoy what the electronics provide. There are a couple of things that we do to guarantee your optimal experience. Initially, we install equipment in tandem with smart home products to ensure that we can “see” if your WiFi network is operational. This allows us to troubleshoot your system, even if we’re on vacation in Costa Rica! We also have pieces that will allow us to power-cycle your equipment remotely so you don’t have to figure out how to unplug your AppleTV, cable box or TV to watch Netflix. NOTE: We consider this off-site visibility to be the most IMPORTANT element to supply when we are putting a smart home system together. There is no way we or other home automation companies can adequately support you without this crucial element.

Future Support: This industry is vastly different than it was 20 years ago. Back then, we would sell you a turntable, a CD player and a home stereo and we’d see you in 10 years. These days, you will be married to the company that you choose to provide your smart home services. We would recommend going with a home automation business that has been around for a long time (like us) and someone that specializes in home automation and smart homes (and not security, an electrician or your contractor). Go with a business that has a showroom or store vs. the trunk of their car. Opting for a smart home professional will ensure that these electronic toys bring the enjoyment and convenience to your life that they are supposed to. We have performed MANY “take-over” jobs from people that started with one of these trades and got frustrated quickly when the technologies didn’t work, they couldn’t reach the business again or both.


San Diego Smart Home Installation


Sounds complicated? Fortunately, it isn’t because this is what we do and you now know about us. If you’re interested in some of these smart home technologies for your house, give us a call and let San Diego’s audio, video and Smart Home Installation experts show you what’s possible today.

UPDATE: See some of the latest smart home products and ideas at the link below.

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