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Thursday, 24 August 2017 06:49

Smart Home San Diego | San Diego Home Automation

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San Diego smart home

Control your Smart Home with an iPad, phone or hand-held universal remote


A Smart Home brings simplicity, peace of mind, convenience and security to your life.  What if your home seemed to move and change around you as you walked through it?  What if it responded

to your movements and changed its state to complement your schedule and your life?  In the past we had to take the time to manually change our home environment the way we wanted at any given time.  We would have to walk to each light switch and turn it on, go to each blind and curtain and open/close it, walk to the thermostat and turn up the heat or air when we got home from work, turned up the heat in the spa so it was hot for an evening dip and do a walk around the house to each perimeter door to make sure they were locked.  What if your home did all these things for you without you even lifting a finger?  What if simply pulling up into your driveway activated your home to welcome you in with the perfect amount of light at the perfect air temperature with inviting background music playing throughout?  Sounds nice, hmmm? Today, we can make all this possible for you by upgrading your home into a Smart Home.



There are many different types of systems and devices that are available now that fall into the Smart Home world.  There are smart lighting systems from Lutron, smart blind/curtain systems by Lutron as well, smart HVAC systems by Honeywell and NEST, smart Audio/Video control systems by URC and RTI, smart Pool/Spa systems, etc.  Now even though all these systems may be made by different companies and all seem completely isolated from the other, we can setup them all up to respond to each other and work together.  We like to think of it as a perfect fusion of your life, your home and your technology.  We can program your Smart Home via Alexa to respond to your movement or to your voice.  We can program your Smart Home devices to run on customized schedules or patterns that you want.  It is incredible what we can do with these systems these days.  All you really need to do is have the initial meeting with us, San Diego’s Smart Home specialists.  We can then gather exactly what kinds of things you are looking for, how you would like your home to respond to you and form to your life and schedule.  With that, we can design the Smart Home setup that is perfect for your specific needs and lifestyle…the perfect FUSION.  We design these systems around you. 


San Diego Smart Home Installation


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If you're looking to give your home some IQ points and you are in the San Diego or So Cal area, give us a call and let us show you what is possible.

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