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This is the place to find out about the latest television and stereo sales, why 4K TVs are great and which surround sound receiver is best for you. Check us out frequently for information about monthly audio/video sales and tidbits about the electronics industry. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017 12:41

Biggest TV you can buy | Sony 4K TV San Diego

100 inch Sony LED TV

Sony 100" 4K LED TV - One of the biggest TVs you can buy!


Ready for a BIG TV? Do you have any interest in getting the biggest TV you can buy? How about the INSANELY HUGE HD display that the Dallas Cowboys rock in their stadium?  It's a 1680" screen that cost $40 million from start to finish to make and install.  I know what you are saying...probably too big for your Great Room or Family Room right?  How about this then? Our entire team got to see firsthand Sony’s 100” XBR100Z9D TV and it looked amazing!  It also has a much more reasonable price tag of just $59,999.99. If that is still too big or the budget is too ridiculous, here's some other options to up your TV game. NOTE: Some of our "Best Buys" are highlighted.



77” XBR77A1E OLED 4K TV: $17,999.99

75” XBR75Z9D reference 4K LED TV: $8,999.99

85” XBR85X850D 4K TV: $5,999.99



75” QN75Q7F Quantum Dot 4K TV: WAS $5,999.99 / NOW $3,999.99

82” UN82MU8000 4K LED TV: WAS $4,999.99 / NOW $3,799.99



77” OLED77W7P Reference OLED 4K TV: $14,999.99

77” OLED77G6P High-End OLED 4K TV: WAS $19,999.99 / NOW $10,999.99

86” 86SJ9570 BIG and BAD 4K TV: WAS $7,999.99 / NOW $6,999.99


Want the biggest TV you can buy? You're in the right place. Let San Diego's BIG TV experts steer you towards video alchemy as well as a heck of a GIANT TV. We've been helping clients with "Better Audio, Video and Home Automation" for almost 12 years. NOTE: TV pricing changes from day-to-day. Check with ATD for up-to-date prices.



San Diego smart home

Control your Smart Home with an iPad, phone or hand-held universal remote


A Smart Home brings simplicity, peace of mind, convenience and security to your life.  What if your home seemed to move and change around you as you walked through it?  What if it responded

Episode outdoor speakers

Episode outdoor spealers on post, bracket and in-ground


We live in San Diego for many reasons but one that is encompassing is our weather…it’s beautiful! This allows us to spend 12 months of the year outside. The perfect partner to this is an audio system with outdoor speakers. Having an outdoor audio system can really help you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. However, it can be difficult for the uninitiated to choose what system is best for your home and outdoor environment. Here’s an overview of some of the forms of outdoor speakers and outdoor audio systems that we carry.


Outdoor speaker Monitor Audio


Standard outdoor weatherproof speakers: This form of outdoor speaker has been in place for over 20 years. These type of speakers are “weatherproof” (Note: These can weather in direct sunlight, high heat, VERY wet areas, etc….let us be your outdoor speaker expert when it comes to placement) and provide good sound in a limited area. The quality of outdoor speakers is VERY dependent on the budget. In general, expensive speaker…great sound. Cheap speaker…not-so-great sound. “Great” in this description means that the speaker provides elements such as fine detail so you can hear exactly what the artist is saying in your favorite song (it’s not “We built this city on sausage rolls”), deep, full bass so your music doesn’t sound tinny and exceptional balance so your treble, midrange and bass all sound life-like with no tones exaggerated.

You can install outdoor speakers under your roof eave, on the exterior wall on your house or on posts in a landscape setting. We are dealers for Definitive Technology outdoor speakers, Episode AW6 and AW5 outdoor speakers, Martin Logan, Monitor Audio Climate speakers and Niles outdoor speakers.


Outdoor Rock Speakers r

Rock speakers at head of pool - Rancho Santa Fe outdoor audio project


Rock outdoor speakers: Want something that looks a little different? Rock outdoor speakers can be a good way to camouflage your outdoor music system and to get great sound.  Rock speakers are weatherproof so you can place them in your outdoor environment and not worry that your sprinkler system or gardener will damage them. These speakers can also provide fantastic sound. They typically cost a little more than standard outdoor speakers due to the form factor.  You can also choose outdoor speakers that look like planters.


Rockustics outdoor speaker 


These planter speakers are actually functional and provide good sound for outdoor environments. We are dealers for Episode, Niles and Rockustics rock speakers and planter speakers.


Episode landscape speaker


Episode landscape speaker with landscape subwoofer


Outdoor landscape speakers: This form of outdoor speaker has become very popular over the last couple years. These landscape speakers provide great sound by coupling the outdoor speakers with an in-ground or visible subwoofer. This outdoor subwoofer augments the bass and provides much fuller, deeper sound than typical outdoor speakers do. The combination of the landscape speakers combined with the landscape subwoofer gives you an unbelievable outdoor audio experience.  We carry landscape outdoor speakers and landscape subwoofers by Episode, Martin Logan, Monitor Audio, Bose outdoor speakers and Sonance.


Which type of outdoor speaker system is best for you? Let San Diego’s outdoor audio and landscape speaker experts assist with this. We’ve been selling outdoor speakers and outdoor audio/video solutions for over 12 years. NOTE: Looking to get a listen? We have the Episode landscape system on display in our office. Call for an appointment and enhance your life with music!



The giant has arrived! The Samsung 82" 4K TV is here and is $1000.00 off for a limited time. Want to save 25% or more on outdoor speakers! Read on! Check out some of our audio clearance for savings up to 75%! NOTE: Some of these deals are close-outs and when the sets are gone, they are gone. TV pricing is presented by the manufacturer and can change at any time.


FREE FREE FREE!!!!!! One of our favorite speaker brands, Martin Logan, is doing some great stuff for summer . For a limited time, get FREE subwoofers with the purchase of selected speaker pairs. See below for details.


San Diego TV sales and stereo sales

Save up to 75% on some of our TV and surround sound specials!


It's the time of year when we follow the adage of "out with the with the new". As we add new speakers to our showroom, you can save up to 75% on some of our clearance specials. NOTE: Many of these are one-of-a-kind deals. When they are gone...they are gone. We will not "hold" any items. If you are interested, call or e-mail ASAP.


Definitive Technology BP8060 Supertower speakers with built-in subwoofers: 45% off on pair!


Monitor Audio SILVER6 speaker pair in Rosewood: 40% off for pair!


Niles reference in-ceiling speaker pair. Reg. $800.00/pair. NOW: $199.99/pair! 2 pairs left!


Parasound HALO stereo amplifier and pre-amp | Get amazing stereo sound with this combo: 45% off for combo!


Sony HD SXRD projector: NOW 50% off office demo!


Velodyne in-wall subwoofer speaker: NOW 50% off!


If you are interested in these or other deals, give us a call. Life is too short for bad audio. Let San Diego's audio specialists get you great sound for the price of good.



Want crazy TV sales and stereo sales to go with it? You're in the right place. We service Del Cerro, Allied Gardens, Talmadge, Kensington, Hillcrest, Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, La Mesa, Lake Murray, Friars, North Park, Balboa Park, Clairemont, Kearny Mesa, Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Imperial Beach, Pt Loma and Downtown San Diego. We also gladly serve those in North San Diego County which includes Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Elfin Forest, Oceanside, Olivenhain, Escondido, Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, 4S Ranch, Santaluz, La Jolla, Poway and Rancho Bernardo. We aren't forgetting about our East County friends in El Cajon, Blossom Valley, Lakeside and Alpine. Need help in Murrieta, Wildomar, Temecula, Fallbrook or Bonsall...we're there too.



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