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This is the place to find out about the latest television and stereo sales, why 4K TVs are great and which surround sound receiver is best for you. Check us out frequently for information about monthly audio/video sales and tidbits about the electronics industry. 



Sometimes we have lots going on and just want to let you know about all of the good stuff happening at Aire Theater Designs. Here's a remote headstrap for your time. In no specific order:


Sony 85" 4K TVs are on clearance at $3999.99 until they are gone! This is the best price ever on Sony's XBR85X850D monster big screen 4K TV!


We are now San Diego Pro-Ject turntable dealers! Want to hear why vinyl is coming back in vogue? It sounds fantastic and is cool...that's why!


Big sales going on with Definitive Technology subwoofers. Save up to 25%! Did we mention that we are your favorite Definitive Technology dealer?


Save 10% on select Martin Logan tower speakers. Get the Motion20, Motion40 and Motion60 speakers at 10% off while the dealio is on!


Lutron lighting control is cool.


Did you know that basically every electronic troubleshooting call we receive is tied to "unplug the device...plug it back in again"? Check this audio/video troubleshooting tip out.


You need better's how to get it. Hint: Don't go to your local big-box us first.


Thanks for reading...we feel much better now. Looking for great audio/video equipment or smart home technology in San Diego? Give us a call!

San Diego home stereo resized

Martin Logan speaker sale is on now! Martin Logan ESL-X and Dynamo700 pictured


It's that time of year again to enjoy GREAT sound and to save some money while doing it. Until 4/7/2018:


Save 10% on Martin Logan Motion20 tower speakers!

Save 10% on Martin Logan Motion40 tower speakers!

Save 10% on Martin Logan Motion60XT tower speakers!


Martin Logan Speaker dealer San Diego


Life's too short for bad audio. Call us for an appointment and let us show you how GOOD your favorite music can sound on a pair of Martin Logan speakers. We are San Diego's leaders in audio, video, home automation AND Martin Logan!

File May 08 1 12 35 PMRing vs Nest San Diego

Ring vs Nest Differences - San Diego Ring and Nest Installers are here!


UPDATE! The below is from a previous article that we completed. Above is another reason to go with Nest. That's right...chunks of alligator lizard tail.

The other day, I opened my front door and surprised a roadrunner on my front porch who was participating in consuming my favorite alligator lizard. He jumped over the rail and ran away with my friend in his mouth. After I chased him unsuccessfully, I hoped to have video footage of the assumed epic battle. Unfortunately, I have a Ring doorbell and it doesn't have continual live recording. The motion may have been too brief or the roadrunner may have been too small to trigger the recording function of the Ring doorbell. However, if I had a Nest doorbell camera in place, I would have been able to see what happened as they have up to 30 days of LIVE recorded history.

I was disappointed that I couldn't watch my friend get devoured. If you like the idea of live recording, Nest cameras may be the choice for you. 


Which camera is better, the Nest Cam or the Ring Camera? To us, there really is no right or wrong answer.  Each security camera has its pros and cons compared to the other.  Figuring out what features are important to you is going to be the key factor in choosing one of these over another.  So I thought it would be nice to go over a few of the key features of each of these cameras for you. We have personal experience with both of these. I have a couple of the Nest Indoor Cams in my house and we have an installer here that has a couple of the Ring Cams at his home. I am simply going to compare these side-by-side and give you some important notes as needed.


Sony home theater projector


Downtown san diego home theater installation



Today’s project took our home theater installation team to downtown San Diego. Right around the corner from the San Diego Padres’ Petco Park, our customer lives in a 7 story building. Working downtown has its challenges in itself, but even more so when you are working on the 7th floor of a building. We have to deal with things such as 2-hour parking meters, gaining entry into secured locked lobby doors, running up 7 flights of stairs with a fiberglass 10’ ladder because it doesn’t fit in the elevators, etc. The biggest challenge that we faced on this job in particular though is the fact that all the walls and ceiling are made of super-dense concrete and that the ceiling was 15’ high. Extra care needs to be taken when mounting anything to concrete to ensure the safety of our customers and the integrity of the install. There are different obstacles and challenges we face on every job and that is what makes our job so gratifying and just plain cool when all is said and done. We gladly and enthusiastically face these challenges because that is what we do and what separates us from the rest of the San Diego smart home companies out there (we think).

Let’s dive in to some of the particulars of this project. My scope of work was to: mount a projector that would hang down from a 6 ft. pole which would be mounted to the concrete ceiling, install wire molding that would run from the projector pole, across the ceiling, across the top of the wall and ceiling, then down the corner of the wall and over the gear location, run the appropriate cables from gear to projector through the wire mold, set up the audio/video receiver/tower speakers/subwoofer, and program a universal remote to control everything.

Here is all the great audio/video equipment we rounded up for this install:


  • Sony VPL-CH370 projector
  • Monitor Audio Radius 270 tower speakers
  • Definitive Technology SuperCube 2000 subwoofer
  • Yamaha RX-V383 Audio/Video receiver
  • Chief projector mount w/ pole
  • Optical HDMI cables
  • URC MX990 universal remote w/ URC MRF350 RF base station


The primary challenge of this project was going to be mounting the 6 ft. pole to the 15 ft. high concrete ceiling securely and safely, all the while keeping the aesthetics in mind and in line with the customer’s wants. This was a little tricky and to be honest, a little nerve-racking atop a 10’ ladder drilling into concrete above my head. Once this was done we were able to use secure concrete anchors and get the pole mounted along with the projector. It turned out great and looked incredibly clean and precise. After the mount and running the cables in the wire mold, the rest of the audio/video project was a piece of cake. The audio/video system with just 2 speakers and a subwoofer (normally we add at least 5 speakers in a surround sound set-up but this room didn’t allow for this) sounded FANTASTIC! We were able to finish in the one day and didn’t need to use the 2nd day that we allocated for this install, saving our customer some money in labor (always a good thing!). In the end I was very glad with how clean it all turned out but more importantly, our client was thrilled and extremely happy.



Friday, 26 January 2018 19:12

Eero WiFi, San Diego Eero and WiFi experts

Eero San Diego dealer

Want better WiFi San Diego? Eero Pro is the answer!


What are 3 things that we do as humans in the year 2018? In our opinion, these are eat, sleep and rely on WiFi. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t doing too well with #3 and have to deal with BAD WiFi coverage, drops in WiFi signal and slooooooooooooow playback with Netflix and other streaming applications. In the past, getting solid and reliable WiFi could cost thousands of dollars. We’ve become fans recently of a newer WiFi company that may have finally gotten it right. This company is called Eero and they occupy a new place in our WiFi line-up.

For our clients, we want WiFi to be robust, to be easy to manage and to be reliable. You may have read our earlier article on Apple vs. Eero where we weren’t big fans of Eero’s products:


Eero recently came out with a Generation 2 line-up of products and we were anxious to test them out. There were some things we liked about Eero previously but at that time, we felt that they weren’t quite ready for prime time. Present day: Regarding our 3 needs above:


Robust: We hooked up one of the Eero Pro WiFi router units in our showroom and set it up as our main router. We then walked out our front door, travelled downstairs and plugged a 2nd unit into an AC outlet. We then started walking outside our business wondering just how far we could get from our store while maintaining good WiFi speeds and coverage. We got about 80 YARDS from our office and still had decent speeds. This was way above our expectation and got us excited about further testing.


Easy to manage: All network products lose a WiFi signal or drop connection with your wired Ethernet network from time-to-time. This is just a part of WiFi life. However, until you get into BETTER>BEST level WiFi products (this means $$$ in the thousands), there isn’t a way to easily determine what products are working and which aren’t. If you’re not a techy guy/gal, this can be very frustrating. However, Eero has solved this! Eero provides an app that allows us as WiFi professionals to monitor your network and to see if any units aren’t functioning! Here’s an instance of what happened the other day. Example: I got a notification the other day that one of our clients had an issue with their WiFi network. This was AUTOMATICALLY sent from Eero. I called this client and let her know that one of her 3 Eero units was off-line. After being amazed for a minute or two, she mentioned that they had unplugged it while they were painting. She also mentioned that her WiFi wasn’t great in the other areas and now she knew why. This type of visibility allows us to provide much better service to our clients.


Reliability: What do you do when Eero units need to be power-cycled? You do NOTHING! As long as it isn’t the piece wired to the modem, the Eero units power-cycle themselves AUTOMATICALLY! Take it from someone that answers MANY phone calls every day with the same response; “Unplug it…wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in”…this is extremely helpful to ensure that you as a client have a reliable and non-frustrating Internet experience. See our link below about power-cycling.


After our time with Eero...we’re sold and we’re now dealers. If you want better WiFi, let us help you make the right choice regarding your WiFi products and installation. NOTE: These things don’t install themselves. Our network specialists can make this EASY for you. Life’s too short for bad WiFi…give us a call. Aire Theater Designs – Better audio, video and WiFi. 



Definitive Technology Black Friday

Definitive Technology Black Friday sales...Free speakers anyone?


Today's installment of Black Friday specials include lots of FREE speakers from one of our favorite speaker companies...Definitive Technology. Get GREAT for the price of GOOD with their award-winning line. See below for details.


Buy a pair of Def Tech BP9060 tower speakers and get a FREE CS9060 center channel speaker (REG. $699.99)!

Buy a pair of Def Tech BP9040 tower speakers and get a FREE CS9040 center channel speaker (REG. $499.99)!

Buy a pair of Def Tech BP9020 tower speakers and get a FREE CS9040 center channel speaker (REG. $499.99)!

Buy a pair of Dolby Atmos height modules (model A90) and save $200.00!

Buy a Def Tech W7 streaming speaker for $399.99 and getthe 2nd one FREE!

Buy one of the the best soundbars we've heard at $600.00 off! Def Tech WStudio: REG. $1299.99 NOW: $699.99


When these deals end, the sales are gone. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Interested in great sound for minimal $$$? Call us and let San Diego's Definitive Technology dealer provide you with fantastic sound for the Holidays.


Definitive Technology Black Friday...the deals are here! Aire Theater Designs proudly serves all of San Diego County, CA including Del Cerro, Allied Gardens, Talmadge, Kensington, Hillcrest, Mission Valley, Fashion Valley, La Mesa, El Cajon, Blossom Valley, Lake Murray, Friars, North Park, Balboa Park, Clairemont, Kearny Mesa, Mission Bay, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Imperial Beach, Pt Loma and Downtown San Diego. We also gladly serve those in North San Diego County which includes Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Elfin Forest, Oceanside, Escondido, Encinitas, Cardiff by the Sea, Solana Beach, Alta Del Mar, Del Mar, Olivenhain, Rancho Santa Fe, 4S Ranch, Santaluz, La Jolla, Poway, and Rancho Bernardo. Blossom Valley, Alpine, La Mesa and El Cajon...we;re here too.  



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