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"Hi friends! We have received a lot of questions lately about this whole Hz thing with today's televisions. Here's the scoop and an analogy to clarify things.

When we watch TV, we don't see a constantly flowing image (as it appears). What actually shows up on screen are a series of snapshots that are streamed so quickly that they appear as fluid motion. The more of these pictures (or frames) that are shown per second, the better motion-filled scenes will look (action movies or this strange thing that large, muscular ignoramuses perform called "sports" comes to mind). These are typically advertised as 60 Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz and 600Hz. This refers to 60, 120, 240 or 600 pictures (or frames) a second. Here's how it works.

(Poindexter goes back in time to 3rd grade...his Advanced Quantum Physics college course)

I'm bored today so I just started drawing pictures of a stick figure in the corner of each page of my textbook. On each page I draw a picture of this figure jumping and running. Just like animation, as I flip through the pages, the stick figure becomes alive and appears to be running and jumping. The animation looks better when I have more pages of drawings to flip through per second. If I flipped through 600 pages a second (600Hz), the motion would look more natural than if I flipped through 120 pages a second (120Hz).

That's how this whole Hz thing relates to today's TVs. There are other considerations than just shopping by Hz though. If you have questions about what is best for your room, call your favorite ATD project manager and we'll set you straight."

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 12:38

Oh Sony... What a mistake

Sony got a hacker angry

If you haven't heard, Sony got a hacker angry and he reacted the way hackers do...he hacked Sony's server. Unfortunately, the servers that were hacked contained 102 million accounts of gamers, movie viewers and the like. Sooo...if you currently use a PS3 and have it networked you should:

1) Change your password ASAP.
2) Change your e-mail address and/or password.
3) Put a flag on your CC if you had your Sony account set up for Auto-Pay.
4) If you use your Sony account login and password for any other services (e-mail, banking, bills, etc.), change those user names/passwords ASAP.

Keep on the lookout for e-mails or phone calls that may be asking for account information and/or passwords. We'll keep you abreast of new information as this situation unfolds.


Wednesday, 06 April 2011 13:15

San Diego theater seating | Sit on it!


When the Fonz uttered this famous line, he wasn't trying to insult you. He was actually trying to let you know about our lines of theater seating. If you are interested in giving your theater a realistic touch, read on!

We are happy to carry theater seating options from Fortress and Camden. Both these companies offer comfortable chairs in multiple colors that are built to last. With a 10 year warranty, motorized options and solid build construction, these are a welcome addition to any home theater.

Did you say you are 8 feet tall and weigh 600 pounds? No problem! Fortress offers custom solutions that allows for any size, color, configuration, leather, wood and design of chair.

Interested? Call your favorite ATD designer to schedule a sit (we have a few in our office).

Poindexter's Blog

"Hey all! How long have you had your current audio/video receiver? If it a year or longer you are probably behind the times. No need to be sooooooooooooo 2010. Here is why you need a new receiver.

A Blu-Ray player...many of you have one now. In addition to the amazing picture that you see now it also can provide the best format of audio available. These formats are called Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. Without getting into too much technology these formats provide sound that is just like you hear in the theater. It provides less distortion and has greater clarity than anything that we've ever heard before from home systems (it is a bit-for-bit copy of the master studio mixes for my fellow geeks). The catch is that you have to have a receiver that supports these formats in order to achieve this acoustic alchemy at home.

If you are into movies and would like to get the best sound possible, see my friends at ATD and have 'em hook you up."


P.S. Update as of 01/17/2019. If you are interested in Dolby Atmos, the newest and most immersive sound format EVER, you're in the right place. Let us show you our Dolby Atmos home theater set-up!

After years of referring our furniture sales to other companies, we have decided to get into the business! We want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your entertainment needs. We now carry many brands of:

Audio/Video Racks

Audio/Video Racks

Custom Credenzas

Custom Credenzas (any size or color!)

Wall Units and Entertainment Centers

Wall Units and Entertainment Centers

Theater Seating

Theater Seating

If you are looking for any of the above, give us a call. With a wide selection, competitive pricing and free in-home consultations, why go anywhere else?


Super Bowl pricing is here again and the pricing is so good that even this guy is calling it crazy. Our latest vendor to get wacky is Samsung. We literally can't give numbers due to Samsung's pricing policy but if you order your TV prior to the big game you will save up to $1300.00 off Samsung's list, depending on model and availability.

In addition to the above ballyhoo, certain Samsung TVs also come with a FREE 3D Blu-ray player, two sets of glasses and a 3D movie as long as they are purchased by January 28th. Want to have Super Bowl Central at your house? Give us a call!


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