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This is the place to find out about the latest television and stereo sales, why 4K TVs are great and which surround sound receiver is best for you. Check us out frequently for information about monthly audio/video sales and tidbits about the electronics industry. 

After years of referring our furniture sales to other companies, we have decided to get into the business! We want to be your one-stop-shop for all of your entertainment needs. We now carry many brands of:

Audio/Video Racks

Audio/Video Racks

Custom Credenzas

Custom Credenzas (any size or color!)

Wall Units and Entertainment Centers

Wall Units and Entertainment Centers

Theater Seating

Theater Seating

If you are looking for any of the above, give us a call. With a wide selection, competitive pricing and free in-home consultations, why go anywhere else?


Super Bowl pricing is here again and the pricing is so good that even this guy is calling it crazy. Our latest vendor to get wacky is Samsung. We literally can't give numbers due to Samsung's pricing policy but if you order your TV prior to the big game you will save up to $1300.00 off Samsung's list, depending on model and availability.

In addition to the above ballyhoo, certain Samsung TVs also come with a FREE 3D Blu-ray player, two sets of glasses and a 3D movie as long as they are purchased by January 28th. Want to have Super Bowl Central at your house? Give us a call!


Poindexter's Blog

"I am never going outside again...well maybe for SlugFest 2011 and ComicCon but that's it. I will not leave my Living Room after seeing my new Samsung LED. The Samsung UN46C8000 for those in the know. This TV is insane! The insanities include:

1) 8 MILLION to 1 contrast ratio: This makes for the best blacks and whites that I have ever seen on a TV.

2) 240 Hz refresh rate: This makes for fantastic motion-processing. "Life of the Ant Colony" and those thousands of appendages have never looked clearer.

3) 3D: There are differences in 3D from TV to TV. The 3D on this TV looks better than I saw in the theater and better than any other set I have seen.

4) Style: As you can tell by my get-up, I know fashion. This aluminum-bezeled, 1 inch thick beauty is AMAZING looking and would be my new sweetheart if it wasn't for my girlfriend in Canada that no one has ever seen.

CePro magazine just took my advice and rated this TV an Editor's pick for 2010. Check out the link:

Questions about this Mona Lisa of the electronic world, give ATD a call and tell 'em Poindexter sent you."



We've all heard the adage "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is...". There is a lot of truth to that with today's electronics and on-line purchasing. Unfortunately, most people don't find out why until they have a problem. Unauthorized dealers are the biggest issue with today's on-line purchasing of TVs, speakers, stereos and remote controls.

Unauthorized dealers: In most cases when an on-line price seems ridiculous, there are reasons for this. Many types of electronics (including most lines that we sell) either can't be sold on-line or have to be sold at a certain price point. The manufacturers do this so their clients (YOU) are always dealing with an authorized dealer.

Buying from an authorized dealer (like us) makes sure you don't get:

1) Sold defective gear
2) Sold refurbished pieces
3) Sold used gear
4) Product with NO warranty. If you buy a product from an unauthorized dealer, you DON'T have a warranty, regardless of what the selling company may tell you.

This is a comment from the president of one of our vendors: "This week we have shut down two major offenders on Amazon by buying samples, tracing the source and shutting them down. The results will take a while to have effect as the unauthorized source realizes he can’t fill orders."

If you were to buy a product from one of these "companies" on-line, you would find yourself either out of money or with a product that the manufacturer wouldn't support with a warranty. This is akin to buying your home electronics at the swap meet.

Bottom line: If you buy from a reputable dealer you will get new products with a full manufacturer's warranty as well as the expertise and service that today's product requires. We are authorized dealers for everything that we sell. Wouldn't you rather do business with someone that does things the right way? Give us a chance and see if we can help you out.

UPDATE: We just looked at a certain Niles speaker on Amazon and literally EVERY listed "business" is unauthorized (NO WARRANTY)! Save yourself potential headaches and go with your local, authorized dealer for on-line TV purchases, on-line stereo purchases and more.




What's your favorite movie? For some, it might be Casablanca, Saving Private Ryan or the cinematic masterpiece Toxic Avenger II. For us, we've got to say Avatar. The overall experience of Avatar in 3D at the theater was just unbelievable. Now, we are giving you the opportunity to experience this for yourselves AT HOME.


Until 12/31/2010 or while supplies last, purchase select Panasonic plasma TVs and receive an Avatar package that includes a 3D Avatar Blu-Ray disc, a Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray player and a set of 3D glasses for FREE ($600.00 value). That's something that not even the Toxic Avenger can pass up. Questions? Let San Diego's home theater specialists steer you in the right direction.



Any time we get rain, winds or other weather phenomena, cable boxes all over town go haywire. No need to get bent out of shape as we've got the fix. If your TV exhibits the following behavior:

1) You have picture but no sound.
2) Your GUIDE stops working.
3) Your channel up/down don't work.
4) The cable box shows half an information bar at the bottom of the screen instead of a full one.

Here is the fix. Simply UNPLUG your cable box from the power, wait about 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Once it reboots, you should have your TV back!

Keep in mind that these problems typically happen around weather events so when a storm is coming in (like right's raining and we've been getting cable-box calls all weekend), keep this information in mind.

UPDATE: Sometimes it's difficult to get to the power cord on your cable box. Want to make cable box resets easy? Add one of our BOBs to power-cycle your cable box and other components a snap! See link below.


We are San Diego cable box troubleshooting, audio video selling, technology teaching specialists!


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