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Wednesday, 22 June 2016 08:13

San Diego OLED TV Dealer

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San Diego OLED TV Dealer

 LG 65" OLED TV 65E6P - Scripps Miramar project




OLED TVs – ORGANIC LED TVs.  Are they of the same source of magic that the elusive Unicorn spawns from? Do they have living organic cells within the screen itself, each one waving brilliant flags creating a breathtaking picture of color and depth? These are all great and probably very plausible questions. LOL. But on a serious note, OLED TVs are a thing of beauty in my eyes. I have had the pleasure of installing many of them and seeing firsthand the brilliant deep picture that they produce. There really is no contest between OLED TVs and standard backlit LED TVs as to which one produces the better picture. In addition, the contrast quality, the deep blacks that are achieved in these televisions are arguably right there with plasmas, which are no longer being sold. So……what is special about them? What does it mean that they are ORGANIC? How do they get those deep blacks and incredible contrast? I’ll give you the quick rundown and hopefully not bore you with too much industry jargon.

The answer to the "Why ORGANIC?" question is very simple. The materials being used in standard LEDs are silicon-based and the materials in OLEDs are carbon-based. That is it. So put those worries out of your mind, there are no living cells or anything like that in these televisions. Moving on, standard backlit LED TVs produce their picture by sending light, emitted from LEDs, through color filters. OLED TVs use LEDs that actually emit light AND color by using what is called an electroluminescent substance which changes colors depending on the electrical charge that stimulates it. Picture a sandwich where the bread is 2 organic layers and all the goodies inside is the layer that produces the light. Pretty cool huh? I think so. Now, what exactly does that boil down to for us, you might be asking? Basically, these OLEDs can actually be SHUT OFF, literally producing no light whatsoever.  No light = very black. In standard backlit LEDs, the LEDs are arranged behind the whole screen and when a dark area is needed to be created, the LEDs that fall in that area behind the screen are turned off or dimmed to achieve the dark picture. This sounds good, but some of the light from the LEDs that are still on bleed into the areas of the screen that are supposed to be black, creating a not black but grayed or lightened affect. Bleeding light = not very black. And for the last main difference I will give you is the much improved viewing angle capability. Some of the color and clarity is lost when viewing an LED from an angle and not straight on.  With OLED tvs, the picture is virtually not affected at all, even when viewing from an angle almost to 90 degrees. That is a huge plus! This means that everyone on the couch gets a clear, deep, brilliantly colored picture!

There are more things that I could go over, but I hope that these few clarifications and points help you better understand the OLED TV and some of its differences from LED. If you want a truly awesome picture, deep and full and clear, OLED is the way to go! Interested? Give us a call and let San Diego's LG OLED leading dealers show you the way.


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