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This is the place to find out about the latest television and stereo sales, why 4K TVs are great and which surround sound receiver is best for you. Check us out frequently for information about monthly audio/video sales and tidbits about the electronics industry. 

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 12:38

Oh Sony... What a mistake

Sony got a hacker angry

If you haven't heard, Sony got a hacker angry and he reacted the way hackers do...he hacked Sony's server. Unfortunately, the servers that were hacked contained 102 million accounts of gamers, movie viewers and the like. Sooo...if you currently use a PS3 and have it networked you should:

1) Change your password ASAP.
2) Change your e-mail address and/or password.
3) Put a flag on your CC if you had your Sony account set up for Auto-Pay.
4) If you use your Sony account login and password for any other services (e-mail, banking, bills, etc.), change those user names/passwords ASAP.

Keep on the lookout for e-mails or phone calls that may be asking for account information and/or passwords. We'll keep you abreast of new information as this situation unfolds.


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Poindexter's Blog

"Hey all! How long have you had your current audio/video receiver? If it a year or longer you are probably behind the times. No need to be sooooooooooooo 2010. Here is why you need a new receiver.

A Blu-Ray player...many of you have one now. In addition to the amazing picture that you see now it also can provide the best format of audio available. These formats are called Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. Without getting into too much technology these formats provide sound that is just like you hear in the theater. It provides less distortion and has greater clarity than anything that we've ever heard before from home systems (it is a bit-for-bit copy of the master studio mixes for my fellow geeks). The catch is that you have to have a receiver that supports these formats in order to achieve this acoustic alchemy at home.

If you are into movies and would like to get the best sound possible, see my friends at ATD and have 'em hook you up."


P.S. Update as of 01/17/2019. If you are interested in Dolby Atmos, the newest and most immersive sound format EVER, you're in the right place. Let us show you our Dolby Atmos home theater set-up!

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Poindexter's Blog

"I am never going outside again...well maybe for SlugFest 2011 and ComicCon but that's it. I will not leave my Living Room after seeing my new Samsung LED. The Samsung UN46C8000 for those in the know. This TV is insane! The insanities include:

1) 8 MILLION to 1 contrast ratio: This makes for the best blacks and whites that I have ever seen on a TV.

2) 240 Hz refresh rate: This makes for fantastic motion-processing. "Life of the Ant Colony" and those thousands of appendages have never looked clearer.

3) 3D: There are differences in 3D from TV to TV. The 3D on this TV looks better than I saw in the theater and better than any other set I have seen.

4) Style: As you can tell by my get-up, I know fashion. This aluminum-bezeled, 1 inch thick beauty is AMAZING looking and would be my new sweetheart if it wasn't for my girlfriend in Canada that no one has ever seen.

CePro magazine just took my advice and rated this TV an Editor's pick for 2010. Check out the link:

Questions about this Mona Lisa of the electronic world, give ATD a call and tell 'em Poindexter sent you."


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Poindexter's Blog

Our resident geek likes to muse over the latest and greatest that comes into the office. We’ve gotten tired of hearing him, so we’re letting him vent to you.

“Hi friends...Poindexter here. I LOVE computers. Aside from being able to pretend that it is a member of the opposite sex to ask it questions, it lets me access a world of music. Here are some new options that are available.

1) Sonos: This gadget acts as my personal music assistant. It lets me listen to any type of music that I want to. What’s super cool is that I control it with a special remote that works anywhere in the house and that shows me pictures of what is playing. I get feedback of the artist, songs, albums and more at all times. It’s too cool to describe adequately but we have it on display in our office if you are interested in a demo.

2) AppleTV: This neato device can transfer any movies or music that are on your computer to your home theater. You can also use it for slide-shows of photos for friends or family. Perfect for highlighting your pictures. Photos of this year’s Star Trek convention look GREAT on a 60” TV (as opposed to your computer monitor). Of course, James T. Kirk always looks fantastic.

You can also access services like Pandora internet radio, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and others with the aid of your computer and networking. Man's best friend, the dog? I don't think so, my friends...I don't think so."

P.S. Since this article's inception, wireless networking has become much more relevant. Need help with your WiFi, San Diego? Let San Diego's WiFi and networking experts help you to get robust, whole-house WiFi throughout your house and property.

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