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Tuesday, 03 May 2011 13:09

What is refresh rate on TVs | Ouch that Hz!

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Poindexter's Blog

"Hi friends! We have received a lot of questions lately about this whole Hz thing with today's televisions. Here's the scoop and an analogy to clarify things.

When we watch TV, we don't see a constantly flowing image (as it appears). What actually shows up on screen are a series of snapshots that are streamed so quickly that they appear as fluid motion. The more of these pictures (or frames) that are shown per second, the better motion-filled scenes will look (action movies or this strange thing that large, muscular ignoramuses perform called "sports" comes to mind). These are typically advertised as 60 Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz and 600Hz. This refers to 60, 120, 240 or 600 pictures (or frames) a second. Here's how it works.

(Poindexter goes back in time to 3rd grade...his Advanced Quantum Physics college course)

I'm bored today so I just started drawing pictures of a stick figure in the corner of each page of my textbook. On each page I draw a picture of this figure jumping and running. Just like animation, as I flip through the pages, the stick figure becomes alive and appears to be running and jumping. The animation looks better when I have more pages of drawings to flip through per second. If I flipped through 600 pages a second (600Hz), the motion would look more natural than if I flipped through 120 pages a second (120Hz).

That's how this whole Hz thing relates to today's TVs. There are other considerations than just shopping by Hz though. If you have questions about what is best for your room, call your favorite ATD project manager and we'll set you straight."

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