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March 2023


Martin Logan XTB100 review!

Our latest speaker review is in! See the above for our opinions on the new for 2023, Martin Logan XT B100 bookshelf speaker pair. We think these speakers are absolutely insane. The realism, depth of instruments and soundstage are truly special! Some highlights are:


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ML outdoor speaker

Martin Logan outdoor speaker on stake


Martin Logan vs Monitor Audio

Martin Logan vs Monitor Audio - What is the best outdoor speaker in 2023?


Outdoor speaker Monitor Audio

Rancho Santa Fe Outdoor Audio installation



We live in San Diego, CA for a number of reasons. One of these should be that we love not having to shovel snow for 6 months of the year. Our weather also allows us to enjoy our outdoor spaces more than friends in, let’s say Nunavut, Canada where it averages -3.5 F year-round. At Aire Theater Designs, we love celebrating the outdoors with great sound! Here’s our take on the best outdoor speakers in 2023 under $1000/pair.

Many of these models are the same as we featured in our "Best Outdoor Speakers 2021" article as they are still current models. We have one new entrant and some pricing has changed. Our contestants are:

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Wednesday, 19 April 2023 20:41

Samsung Frame TV 50% off! We have one left!





It's clearance time here at Aire Theater Designs as we get rid of some of the old and make way for the new. Like deals? How 'bout a Samsung Frame TV at 50% off! Holy smacks!


The details:


It is the Samsung QN43LS03TA and it is NEW IN THE BOX.

This is a 43" model that we were going to use as one of our demos. We went another direction and have literally never opened the box. 

This is for local pick-up and delivery only. Sorry Samsung-loving guy in Florida.

Read below about the Frame TV and why it is great. 


Looking for other audio/video deals or technology sales? Stay tuned as we add some more close-out deals to our site. 

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Yamaha receiver 06152017

Yamaha 2023 AVENTAGE receiver acts as the heart of your whole-house entertainment and surround sound system


It's probably been a while since you've bought a new audio/video receiver or maybe I'm being assumptive and this is your first foray into surround sound. No worries...we'd be happy to help. Your audio/video receiver is the heart of your surround sound and whole-house entertainment system. Making the right choice here assures sonic excellence and also provides you the flexibility to hook up future components. However, dealing with the big-box stores or attempting to figure out what to buy on the Internet can be painful (aside from this article, of course). Here's a quick guide to picking the right audio/video receiver. The models below are the same as the Yamaha 2022 models as the line-up came in mid-year.


What is it: Your Yamaha AVR (short for audio/video receiver) acts as the hub of your audio/video system. All of your components like cable boxes, video games, Blu-ray players, streaming devices, etc. hook into the receiver and it provides the sound for your speakers. Pick your receiver based on:


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It's clearance time here at Aire Theater Designs as we get rid of some of the old and make way for the new. Until this pair is gone, you can get a pair of Definitive Technology BP-9020 bipolar tower speakers for $800.00! These are normally $1599.98/pair!


The details:


1 pair left.

We still have box and packing. They still have the plastic on the tops/caps.

These are for local pick-up and delivery only. Sorry audio-loving guy in Florida.


See our video where were we discuss the pros-and-cons of these speakers. For $1600.00, we think they are a great speaker for movies and streaming video. For $800.00...forget about it.



Looking for other audio/video deals or Def Tech sales? Stay tuned as we add some more close-out deals to our site. 

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Wednesday, 12 April 2023 13:46

Marantz vs Yamaha - Best AVR for 2023

Yamaha Vs Marantz

Best AVR for 2023 - Yamaha vs Marantz!


It's time for the Battle Royale! Marantz vs Yamaha! Who will take the prize for the best AVR for 2023? Both lines have an esteemed history, great steps through their AVR line-up and compelling reasons to buy both brands. See the video below for our thoughts about Marantz vs Yamaha surround sound receivers.


  • 00:00-01:54 Yamaha vs Marantz
  • 01:54-03:10 History
  • 03:10-05:16 Line-up of AVRs
  • 05:16-13:00 Sound Quality
  • 13:05-16:08 MusicCast vs Heos 
  • 16:10-19:58 Reliability
  • 20:00-21:30 Codesets
  • 21:30-23:10 Final Thoughts



This above video is not sponsored. Please consider purchasing Marantz or Yamaha through the Crutchfield links below if you aren't in the Southern California area. We make a small commission via this medium and this helps support our video channel AND will let us take Will out to lunch. THANKS A BUNCH!



✅ Marantz SR8015 AVR:

✅ Marantz CINEMA40 AVR:

✅ Marantz CINEMA50 AVR:

✅ Marantz CINEMA60 AVR:

✅ Marantz CINEMA70S:

✅ Marantz NR1711:



✅ Yamaha RXA8A:

✅ Yamaha RXA6A:

✅ Yamaha RXA4A:

✅ Yamaha RXA2A:

✅ Yamaha RXV6A:

✅ Yamaha RXV4A:


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Sonos Era 300

The new Sonos Era 300 has arrived! See below for details that compare the Sonos Era 300 vs Sonos Five


You may have heard plenty about Sonos as they are the most popular brand in audio today. See our latest "Tech in 60 seconds" video that details Sonos' newest speaker and the differences between it and the Sonos Five streaming speaker.


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