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March 2022


Conan was wrong when he said the greatest things in llife are to "Crush your enemies, drive them before you and hear the lamentations of their women." We think the greatest things are:

Seeing a 70 yard football throw
Knowing how to get better WiFi 

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Kef Q950 review

See above for our latest KEF speaker review


 After lots of deliberation, we decided to become San Diego KEF speaker dealers! Why? See our latest video review that goes over some of the benefits of the KEF audio line. In a nutshell, the pros and cons of the KEF speaker line and specifically the KEF Q950 tower speakers are:


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Eero wifi review

Eero WiFi review - Eero Pro 6e, Eero Pro 6 and Eero mesh extenders


See our latest video review that details the Eero WiFi line-up including mentions of the Eero Pro 6e, Eero Pro 6 and others. In this video, we go over the pros and cons of Eero, Eero vs Ubiquiti and other elements to consider that may help you decide whether Eero is right for you.

Eero Pro 6e video review


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2021…it looks like we're coming around the corner here from the nightmare that was last year. If you saw our "Best TV of 2020" article from a year ago, you'll notice that it looks very similar to this list. This isn't a cop-out...we promise! There wasn't much product build and introduction with Covid so there wasn't a ton that changed. We’re listing below our own personal “Best of 2021” list for televisions, surround sound receivers, home speakers, WiFi products, universal remote controls and more.


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Cox vs ATT

Cox vs ATT Internet - Which service is best in San Diego?


We have clients constantly asking "What is the best Internet provider" and in our area, the primary battle is Cox vs ATT. Our above YouTube video goes over some of the pros and cons of Cox vs ATT Internet. If you don't have time for the video, in a nutshell:


Pros of AT&T vs Cox:

- AT&T has faster upload speeds vs Cox. This is very helpful for things like uploading this video to YouTube (see our comparison of time in the video with ATT vs Cox at around 2:40 in), for utilizing IP cameras, gaming, etc. With Cox, you have max upload speeds of 35 Mbps. With AT&T you can get up to 900 Mbps as of this date!

- ATT has their own technicians and doesn't contract out. We have dealt with nightmares with contracted technicians through Cox that either didn't know how to do the job or didn't want to as it would take them too long.


Pros of Cox vs ATT:

- More visibility into modem: Many of Cox's services allow greater visibility into their modem. This provides for better off-site troubleshooting in the event there are cable issues. We deal with situations constantly in homes where the cable representative on the phone says "There's no problem on our end" when we as technicians know there is. This increased visibility through Cox allows us to see provider issues at times and fix internet problems faster than in systems where we don't have this clarity.


If you are looking for the best Internet provider in San Diego, watch our video and please SUBSCRIBE if you find our channel informative or helpful.

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