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Saturday, 09 December 2023 12:00

KEF R3 Meta review - Are the R3 Meta speakers worth the hype?

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KEF R3 Meta Review

KEF R3 Meta review - Are the new KEF Meta speakers all they're cracked up to be?


Sorry we didn't do our best job on this one. Between earthquakes, bad chargers and Seth being tired, we didn't get as much content as usual. See our YouTube video above. The highlights/lowlights are:


  • 3-way design with Uni-Q 1" tweeter
  • 5.25" aluminum mid and 6.5" bass driver
  • 27.2 lbs each with very inert cabinets
  • 87dB and 4 ohm (they can use some power to drive them properly)
  • Rear ported
  • Come in Gloss Black, White, Indigo Blue (these are SWEET) and Walnut


How do they sound?



Very neutral and flat. This is good for live rooms, classical music or if you're flat speaker sound guy/gal. Good bass. Ethereal imaging and presentation with various high frequencies. This produces a sound that seems like it comes from nowhere or that is effortless (Ex: Check out starting at 40 seconds in on Jeff Buckley's "Mojo Pin"...we noticed it with cymbals on multiple tracks as well).



Not as detailed as we'd like. NOTE: Sound is subjective so this could be good or bad depending on your ear. They provide a very smooth, flat "produced" sound. Ex: Steve Miller Band..."Greatest Hits 1974-1978", Mr. Bungle - "California" album and afterward). Imaging was 2D unlike some other speakers we'd heard in the same price range that painted more of a 3D image. (Ex: Saxophone that starts at 20ish seconds in Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" or Frank Sinatra's voice at 10 seconds in on "Fly Me To The Moon" w/Count Basie.) Some other speakers WOWed us more than these with multiple demo tracks.


New to stereo or home'll probably be STOKED with these. However, we wanted to present the good along with our perceived bad as you may like the attributes we don't.

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This video is not sponsored. If you find this or our video review above helpful, please consider purchasing them through the links below if you aren't in the Southern California area. We make a small commission via this medium and this helps support our video channel.


✅ KEF R3 Meta bookshelf pair in BLACK:

✅ KEF R3 Meta bookshelf pair in INDIGO:

✅ KEF R3 Meta bookshelf pair in WHITE:

✅ KEF R3 Meta bookshelf pair in WALNUT:

✅ KEF Q950 tower speakers in BLACK:

✅ KEF Q950 tower speakers in WHITE:

✅ KEF KC62 subwoofer in BLACK:

✅ KEF KC62 subwoofer in WHITE:

✅ KEF Q650 center channel in BLACK:

✅ KEF Q650 center channel in WHITE:

✅ KEF Q650 center channel in WALNUT: 

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