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July 2022

Reboot cable box

How to fix your cable box and more...see below


Labor Day...YAY!!!! Sticky, hot weather with winds...BOOOOO!!! Did you know that upcoming weather like this causes havoc with your technology? These weather events often create problems with your cable box, Internet access and all things technology. Below are some tips to try if you have these types of issues while this weather is in town.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2022 13:31

Lutron smart lighting San Diego

Smart Home Lighting

Lutron smart home lighting - Find out what is best for you


We've had a couple meetings lately where we have been blown away by the lack of knowledge by the "lighting designer" and/or electrician regarding today's smart lighting systems. As a result, we put together another one of our videos (see Youtube video above) to go over solutions and features from of today's most reliable (IMO) and widely-known lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

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