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January 2022

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What crossover point is good for big, bad tower speakers?




A very popular question on many of today's audio/video websites and blogs is:


"What should I set my tower speakers to...large vs small? What frequency should I set them to?"


Being that the wife was out on this Saturday afternoon and the surf hadn't hit yet, I had a few hours to kill. Time to do some speaker testing! There is a lot of misinformation about these questions so we wanted to clarify the history of speaker set-up, the reasons why, what we heard during our demos today and reasons you might want to configure your home surround sound speakers in one way or another. Read on!

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Origin Acoustics Bollard outdoor speaker

Origin Acoustics outdoor speaker masquerading as a light fixture


 Origin Bollard r

Origin Acoustics Bollard outdoor speaker when it isn't in the ground - It's like an iceberg with the substantial portion hidden


Origin Acoustics outdoor speakers

Outdoor audio with another color option from Origin

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Sonos AMP

The Sonos AMP is a great piece for multi-room audio! Read below.


We've had a lot of calls lately from clients with 10-20 year old whole-house audio systems that are looking for an upgrade to something more modern. Sonos has a solution that works great for 98% of these applications. Want a multi-room speaker system that is easy to use? See below from a previous article and Sonos Amp review.

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Saturday, 19 February 2022 18:19

Best TV you can buy | Best TVs for 2022

Best TV You Can Buy


Samsung QLED

Samsung QLED and Neo QLED enters the fray!


Sony's OLED technology won our Best TV for 2021 contest...Will it win again?


If you are a consumer that loves TVs, right now is a great time to be alive. There have NEVER been televisions at the consumer level that look as good as today's flat screens. One of the most popular questions we get is "What is the best TV you can buy?" The answer is, "It depends." We'll discuss today's TV titans and the benefits of some of the new technologies below.

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Apple TV vs Roku - What is the best streaming device to buy?


Our most popular question over the last few years has had to do with "smart devices" and normally goes something like this, "I need to get me one of those smart TVs...which one should I buy?" After we let our client know that you normally DON'T need a Smart TV (we'll get into that later) and some education, our conversation normally turns towards, "What is the best streaming device to buy?". Here's some tidbits on our two favorite streaming devices; the Roku and the Apple TV.

You'll see our video above that details our "Roku vs Apple TV" face-off. This details some of the benefits of choosing one vs. another. Below is a summary of each device and our thoughts. NOTE: There are MANY streaming devices on the market including Amazon Fire devices, Nvidia Shield, SuperBox, gaming systems and more. We are just focusing on the Roku and the Apple TV 4K streamers as we feel that they are best for most of our clients and to keep things simple. We also explain this below.

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