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Monday, 03 October 2022 23:54

Sonos Soundbar - Sonos Beam vs Sonos Arc

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Sonos Beam vs Arc - What is the best Sonos soundbar?


At this point in 2022, we think that most people have heard about the music streaming company Sonos and their impressive selection of audio products. A popular question we get is:

"The Sonos Beam vs Arc...which is the best Sonos soundbar?"

See our video above that lays out the details of the Sonos Arc and the Sonos Beam; the 2 soundbars in the Sonos line-up. NOTE: Both these soundbars will sound much better by adding either the Sonos Sub subwoofer unit OR the new Sonos Sub Mini (ETA in October of 2022). 

Sonos details start at about 3:05 in the video.

These products are great for someone that wants clearer vocals (ever have Grandpa yell "Can't hear the voices on the TV!") for all of their video content including cable TV, Netflix, DVDs, etc. AND wants to use the soundbar as a dedicated music system.

P.S. See some of our other Sonos articles in the link below:

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Looking for Sonos San Diego? Call Aire Theater Designs and let our Sonos experts enhance your life with music!

Please consider purchasing Sonos through the Crutchfield links below if you aren't in the Southern California area. We make a small commission via this medium and this helps support our video channel AND will let us take our guys out to lunch. THANKS!


✅ Sonos SUB MINI subwoofer in BLACK:

✅ Sonos SUB MINI subwoofer in WHITE:

✅ Sonos ERA 300 Atmos speaker in BLACK (price each):

✅ Sonos ERA 300 Atmos speaker in WHITE (price each):

✅ Sonos AMP 125 watts X 2:

✅ Sonos ARC soundbar in BLACK:

✅ Sonos ARC soundbar in WHITE:

✅ Sonos BEAM soundbar in BLACK:

✅ Sonos BEAM soundbar in WHITE:

✅ Sonos PORT streaming pre-amp:

✅ Sonos MOVE portable speaker in BLACK:

✅ Sonos MOVE portable speaker in WHITE:

✅ Sonos ROAM portable speaker in BLACK:

✅ Sonos FIVE best streaming speaker in BLACK:

✅ Sonos FIVE best streaming speaker in WHITE:


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