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August 2023
Friday, 08 September 2023 11:53

Eero on sale - How's does the dealio sound?

We have times where we know about great deals on speakers, TVs, smart home technology and other toys BUT we might be out of stock OR you live 3000 miles away. We only sell locally. However, with our new "How's the dealio sound" video shorts, we'll list in the great sales in the description that we have found through Amazon, Crutchfield and others. Please click on the links through either the description in the Youtube video below OR below as this allows us to make a buck or two and hopefully go out to lunch at some point on Youtube's dime.


Some of the sales in the video are listed below are:


✅ 3 pack of Eero Pro 6E at 20% off!:

✅  2 pack of Eero Pro 6E at 20% off!:

✅ 1 pack of Eero Pro 6E at 20% off!:


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See you soon with new dealios!

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