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December 2022
Saturday, 28 January 2023 11:11

Whole House Audio System

Sonos Play1 r

What type of speaker is best for your whole house audio system? 


Music is loved, transcends cultures and countries and has been an important part of our lives since we were cavemen whacking on rocks with sticks. These days, most of don't live in caves anymore but we do have a desire to get quality music throughout our homes and in our outdoor living spaces. Below, we discuss some GOOD>BETTER>BEST ways to get whole home audio and some considerations to be aware of.


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Sonos Play1 r

Sonos One speaker in its natural habitat




You may have heard plenty about Sonos as they are the most popular brand in audio today. See our last video that goes over their most basic speaker offering and why you may want Sonos to enhance your life with music.

The Sonos One has 2 models...the Sonos One at $219.00 and the Sonos One SL at $199.00. The Sonos One provides voice control with built-in Alexa so if you like the idea of controlling the unit with your voice instead of with your smart device, the $20.00 upcharge makes a lot of sense.


A few things to know:


  • It sounds good for a basic set-up. If you want to fill a room or area with background sound, it is a great option.
  • It is NOT Bluetooth.
  • Buy 2 instead of 1 if you want to fill a room with music. You can then set both Sonos One units up to function as a stereo pair.
  • Put them in a corner vs. on a flat wall for better fullness and bass.
  • Buy a Sonos Sub subwoofer unit to really make them rock.
  • Sonos just works. That's one of the reasons we love it. See our earlier "How to fix Sonos" video below to see why your system might be misbehaving (if it is).




Looking for Sonos San Diego? If you're in the San Diego or So Cal area, let ouor Sonos installers show you how to enhance your life with indoor and outdoor speakers with Sonos!

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Marantz SR8015 AVR - This is an awesome heart of your new surround sound system


Happy 2023! It's a new year and you may be looking for a new AVR to power your surround sound system. Marantz would love to fill this need? Why Marantz? See our article at the link >>>Marantz Products

Marantz is introducing their new line of surround sound receivers and one of these may have your name on it! See below for some features and differentiating factors.


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