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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 19:36

Best Wireless Speakers | Best wireless speakers in San Diego

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Best wireless speaker

What is the best wireless speaker to buy? Read below for myths, truths and information.


I have been noticing a common request or inquisition among our customers as of late.  This happens from time to time when something new and really different hits the market and generates buzz or popularity.  As a company, we strive to keep on top of these new gear releases and learn about them from top to bottom so we can answer any and all questions you all may have.  One of the top common interests lately is Wireless Speakers.  What exactly are wireless speakers?  Can wireless speakers be added easily in my home?  How do wireless speakers work?  Are wireless speakers truly wireless?  What are the Best Wireless Speakers?  These are the typical questions we receive quite frequently.  I would like to briefly fill you in on the subject, hopefully answer some of the above questions for you, and just give you a better understanding of what wireless speakers are and what they can do for you.

Let me first get this little piece of information out on the table – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SPEAKER WITH NO WIRES.  All of the wireless speakers you hear of out on the market have a wire, a power cord.  Yes, they all have a power cord.  They need power to function.  The ‘wireless’ part of these speakers is that the speaker wire that would normally be ran from the audio/video receiver or amp to the speaker is not needed.  The wireless speaker gets its signal not from a wire, but from your home’s WiFi network.  That brings up an important note that needs to be mentioned, a solid WiFi network is not only recommended, but is crucial for consistent reliability when using wireless speakers


If I had to choose which wireless speaker company was the best, I would have to say that Sonos is definitely in the top of that list.  The entire company is focused solely on making products in the wireless speaker realm, and has been doing so since they started in 2002.  This is longer than any other company out there.  So that alone says a lot.  Due to this precise company focus, they have been able to overcome many obstacles, answer all the important questions that come along the way, create an extremely user friendly App to control the speakers that has been tested throughout the years, etc.  They have standalone speakers in 2 different sizes, They make the PLAYBAR and BEAM that act as a Sonos Wireless Speaker but also double as a soundbar for your TV.  You can even create a 5.1 surround sound speaker system using nothing but Sonos Wireless speakers and the Sonos Sub.  All of these devices get connected to your WiFi network and are controlled by a easy-to-use App on your smart phone or tablet.  Through the Sonos App you can stream all of your music streaming accounts such as Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc.


Another great product is MusicCast by Yamaha.  We like this product as we fully 100% support Yamaha.  We use their Yamaha AV Receivers exclusively in our Surround Sound systems.  MusicCast allows you to seamlessly stream music through your Surround Sound System as well as MusicCast Wireless Speakers throughout your home.  These devices are also controlled by an easy to use App on your smart phone or tablet and are dependent on a solid WiFi network.  The Yamaha MusicCast Wireless Soundbar is the first of its kind to support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X multi-dimensional sound! Yamaha announced in May of this year that three of their new receivers—the RX-A1080, RX-A2080 and RX-A3080—are equipped with Surround:AI™, a next-generation artificial intelligence technology. This creates a clearer, more engaging listening experience by automatically adjusting audio levels in real time to match the scene setting. All six receivers in their Aventage line will also come with MusicCast Surround technology, which allows for a 5.1-channel setup with wireless surrounds.

The main thing I really want to stress about wireless speakers is the ease of use.  You simply open up the free App on your smart device, choose what you want to play (Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc), choose which room you want it to play in (or group all rooms together to create perfectly synced music throughout your house), then groove out to your tunes.  It really is that simple.  Please do not hesitate to call us here for assistance at Aire Theater Designs, your Wireless Speaker Experts!!

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